Eastwell History Group exists for the advancement of research, education and preservation of artifacts and records relating to the history of Eastwell.

Eastwell is a farming village on a ridge forming one of the edges of the Vale of Belvoir. It has a rich history and has been part of the Eyre, Brabazon and Belvoir Estates. Within living memory Eastwell was a very different place, surrounded by ironstone quarries and narrowguage railways carrying the ore away for smelting. Some has stayed in the village in the form of building stone from which many village properties have been built.

The group has a large collection of artifacts including photographs, maps, wills, deeds, rent rolls, diaries and archaeological finds. A good place to start is to read the highly praised book "Aspects of Eastwell" written by David, Michael and Wendy Stanley. To join the group or for access to material for academic research, please see the contacts page.